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Last few days in Spain were intense and passed by like a flash. There was a lot we wanted to do and tons of places we wanted to visit but we had to decide how to end  our trip for now. We left Sevilla on Saturday with the intention of stopping by a couple of […]

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I am sitting on my bed hearing the sound of the rain falling, the same rain that made me come back to the hostel and  finally find the time to write about our days in this lovely Andalusian city. We arrived last Monday fresh and rested from the Alpujarra. The first impression of the city […]

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Being in the Sierra Nevada does good to your soul. I actually enjoyed visiting the mountains almost as much as I enjoy being close to the ocean and that is a lot to say. 🙂 Although I love nature I always preferred to be closer to the sea. Growing up, there was no summer in […]

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We rented a car in Granada for a week and planned to spend the first couple of days in the Alpujarras. We are currently in a lovely rural house very close to Órgiva. I have a perfect view of orange and olive trees by the house and Sierra Nevada mountains in the distance. Only a […]

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I have spent three marvellous days in Granada. Although the temperatures have dropped (normal for the month of March, I suppose) the sun has been out shinning. Our hostel was located in a very tranquil but centric street, two minutes away from Bib -Rambla Plaza and the Cathedral. The city of Granada is small and […]

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It’s been one of my dreams to come to the south of Spain since I was a teenager. It all started with the music, the history and later the fact that I have always heard how Spanish from the south are very warm and closer to Cubans in accent and craziness. People used to tell […]

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Cuban music sounds even better when I am far from home… 🙂 Ernesto Lecuona, was one of the greatest pianist and composers of the Cuba of beginning of the 20th century. If you never heard the name of Lecuona you probably have listened to themes like Malagueña or Andalucía. The video below shows piano master […]