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Algonquin Visitor Centre

Canada is a festival of colours in the fall. Nature puts on a free show for us every year so even if you are not an outdoors person it is worth to watch at least once. This year we finally rented out a car and left the city for a day to go to Algonquin […]

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Cornelius Krieghoff Canada painter art

A couple of days ago I went for the Free Wednesday at the Art Gallery of Ontario, which is Toronto’s fine art museum. Every Wednesday afternoon, from 6pm to 8:30pm, the permanent collection can be visited free of charge and also a few of the temporary exhibits. The rain, probably encouraged tourists and local to […]

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Canoe First Peoples Canada ROM.jpg

After a good four years I went back to visit the ROM. I was curious to see what is currently going on inside those building walls and since one of my friends volunteers there I got the chance to enter for free. When I moved to Toronto I started volunteering at the Discovery Gallery and […]

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renoir moulin-galette

Last week I went to a couple of museums in Paris, as a part of the accelerated tour we were giving a Cuban friend who was visiting the city for a few days. Of course, Musee d’Orsay was on top of our list of things to do. We went straight to the 5th floor to start […]

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I just came back from my second visit to the British Museum and I still cannot say that I have seen 50% of the museum precious collection. For annoying, slow paced museum visitors like me, there is no possibility of spending a whole day at the museum and see/enjoy every single object. First, after a […]

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“Great Art for Free” says the sign outside the Tate Modern in London… Believe it or not it is the same free status with the Tate Britain on the other side of the Thames River and at the British Museum. These galleries encourage you to donate 4 or 5 pounds but if you decide that […]