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We are back to Toronto after spending eight fabulous days in London, UK. The greatness of London was increased by the fact that we had few really good friends around this time and we managed to see them and explore the city in the midst of the Diamond Jubilee craziness. British are famous for being […]

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Natural History Museum London

The Natural Museum of London opens its doors a little bit later on the last Friday of the month so I am sitting at their cafeteria at the moment, writing this post, within walls that are a real jewel of architecture. When I arrived to the building a couple of hours ago the place was full […]

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I just came back from my second visit to the British Museum and I still cannot say that I have seen 50% of the museum precious collection. For annoying, slow paced museum visitors like me, there is no possibility of spending a whole day at the museum and see/enjoy every single object. First, after a […]

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Last night was an interesting one. We went to eat at a London tapas restaurant called “La Tasca”. You can find two or three franchises in the city and get your little fix of Spanish paella, wine or croquetas. We started talking to the waiter and he mentioned that he is from Santander, the north […]

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“Great Art for Free” says the sign outside the Tate Modern in London… Believe it or not it is the same free status with the Tate Britain on the other side of the Thames River and at the British Museum. These galleries encourage you to donate 4 or 5 pounds but if you decide that […]

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I am sitting in a cafe in London listening to Fleet Foxes, drinking a mocha and seeing people passing by. I could declare myself in a state of pure happiness if I was not so tired and sleepless after the over night flight. The city looks exactly the way I imagined, just like New York […]