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Cuban pianist Harold López Nussa is performing with Puerto Rican saxophonist David Sánchez at SF Jazz on Sept, 25th, 2014. Some cool Cuban jazz is coming my way in less than a month. For those who are in the States, you can check out the tour dates on the pianist’s website.

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This month of July, Cuban singer Diana Fuentes have been performing and promoting her CD “Planeta Planetario” in the United States. She have had presentations in New York, LA, San Diego and on July, 25th she has a concert at Vedado Social Club in Miami. I have been following the news (too bad San Francisco […]

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For many people, the use and mix of two languages or more is absolutely natural. They are of the opinion that “melange” is the future. If you are growing up in a city like Montreal (English and French) or Miami (English and Spanish) chances are that you are going to replace some words without even […]

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When I visited Cuba last summer I bought a gift for a relative who lives in the Middle East: a box with 10 Cuban cigars. Since I do not see this relative frequently I was waiting for a chance to send him the cigars with anyone on their way there. The opportunity came when his […]

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virgin america flight

We took a 6 am Bart train this morning to get to the San Francisco airport. We are spending the next five days in Seattle!. Taking off from sunny SF flying over the clouds and then landing in cloudy and colder Seattle made me think of Toronto and my love hate relationship with Canada. The […]

Today, the American Thanksgiving is celebrated and all the ovens are working hard cooking the family’s turkey. The owner of the house where we have been staying in SF for the last two months is born and raised in the city and I enjoy having all kind of little chats with him about Cuba and […]