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"No se adaptan al frio"/"They cannot adapt to the cold"

    This winter has been the toughest I have experienced (my winter history goes back to 2006) and it seems we will be surviving it until April. Great White North fun is not over yet. Today, we have -11 degrees Celsius (12 F) and everyone is out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We are only […]

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I used to love the month of February while living in Cuba. It is the time of the year when you can walk around Havana without sweating, you can wear your hair down, get into those pants that have been hanging in your closet for a while and put on closed shoes without roasting yourself […]

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Snow Cake street Toronto

Friday, February 8th, 2013 Non-stop snowing in Toronto! I woke up this morning with the task of getting out of the house for a couple of city shots. There is a beautiful photo opportunity when the snow is still white and fresh. The city keeps functioning and Canadians are not afraid of the minus temperatures, […]