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I am sitting in a cafe in London listening to Fleet Foxes, drinking a mocha and seeing people passing by. I could declare myself in a state of pure happiness if I was not so tired and sleepless after the over night flight.

The city looks exactly the way I imagined, just like New York looked to me at the first sight. Places like Paris or Madrid surprised me in beauty, colour and warmth but London and New York looked just how I expected, in the great sense,  of course.

The older buildings in London seem to stand strong and proud, no matter how much rain or fog falls over them hour after hour, day by day, the architecture looks resistant and completely sober. I still have every corner of the city for me to see and discover its colours.

I guess that tomorrow I will have a  clearer picture of this lovely city. Tonight I might go “home”early and crash. All I can say for now is thanks to the good friends who give us shelter on our travels around the world.


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