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Amazing Buika
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I have been one of the fortunate people in Toronto to see Concha Buika’s presentation last Saturday, October 16th at the recently renovated Royal Conservatory of Music on Bloor and Avenue Rd.

First time I heard her singing “Nina Lola” I instantly knew we were going to have a long lasting relationship and not only because of her deep voice and unique style captivated me but also love the fusion of flamenco-jazz, the way she plays with the songs and the beautiful lyrics.

I never expected to see her for the first time in Toronto. Always thought that I will cross her way in Spain or Cuba, that is the reason why I was extremely happy to get one of the last seats to attend to her concert.
When I saw her barefoot with her stunning red party dress I thought: Time for Art!
No matter what your mood is at the moment, if you understand or know the lyrics, you have to let her sing and remain silence. You do not want to spoil the moment and miss a second.
I believe her programme was about 12 to 15 songs, sometimes accompanied by the piano only, others guitar and percussion and the last song “Ojos verdes” a cappella.
My favourite songs were “El ultimo trago” ,“Jodida pero contenta” and “Nina Lola” (someone from the audience requested the song)

I still want to go to one of her concerts in her own patio, where artists of course feel more comfortable, but I definitely think she was a river of emotions, full of positive energy on stage, dancing, moving very naturally and with a good conection with her musicians and the public.
I wish her the best of luck on this tour.
One fan.

To listen Concha Buika’s last CD “El Ultimo trago” you can see my Squidoo Page

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