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Chinese Buns

Hong Kong is an formidable place for all types of food, maybe that is why the town is like an endless kitchen, always smelling like fresh food or sometimes just stinky tofu. I can’t stop trying new main dishes, snacks and desserts and every time I am about to try something new I am afraid […]

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This last year of travels has been very rewarding and memorable for us but there is always a bitter feeling every time we have to say goodbye to a city that has been our home for a month or two. By the time you start to create a routine you have to think of packing […]

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Old Summer Palace Beijing

We came back from spending four days in Beijing with two friends. We smoothly flew there and back with DragonAir. On Friday afternoon, I left HK with a small backpack and a list of things to do. Although Beijing is a big city with a lof of places to see I was happy enough to […]

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This weekend flew by for me. I wanted to go to one of the HK sandy beaches for at least half a day and I kept waking up late and getting lost in the concrete city. The unexpected highlight of the weekend came yesterday when a friend from HK recommended us to visit Lantau Island […]

Rice is a product that you find on the table of each Cuban family every day. It explains why the rice cooker is so valuable in a Cuban kitchen. When I was growing up there was no way to buy a rice cooker at the regular stores, only a few Cubans had the privilege of […]

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We took the metro (MTR) from Jordan station in Kowloon to Central station on Hong Kong island. The subway connection is great between the islands, the metro is clean and they have the fastest escalators I have ever seen. If you are considered tall in Europe you will quickly realized how many places are designed […]

A big reason to love France and to begin working out as soon as possible: FOOD! I particularly like crepes and since I got to Paris I have bought them both at street stands and creperies. Tonight we went to Creperie Josselin, a great endroit for crepes and cider. They do not seem to have […]

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I love eating and trying different types of food. I am not very conservative with what I consume so I will normally taste something new at a place following anyone’s recommendations. Many times I tried something I liked and found myself not remembering the name later. Because of my terrible memory regarding new words I […]

It seems that I am big yucca fan among some of my friends as every time I meet them for dinner yucca with mojo is a dish they usually prepare for me. 🙂 Yucca is widely consumed in Cuba, specially during the holidays. In Havana, it is more expensive than potatoes or sweet potatoes so […]

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In the last week I have been going back to places and people that I miss when I am out of Toronto and also discovering and doing new things. It almost feels like a trip to Havana since you have to spend time with family, friends and you are constantly running around to get to […]

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I have not had much time in the past few days to write about out Seattle trip. We came back yesterday after an amazing stay, even though the temperatures were low and the days were gray. The weather was still nicer than in Toronto at this time of the year so we were happily going […]

I am sitting at Coffee to the People Cafe located on Masonic and Haight St. The place is full of people looking at their laptops, not me though. 😉 It is warm and sunny outside and there is a garage sale across the street, right where the bus stop is and one of the sellers […]