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Cuban pianist Harold López Nussa is performing with Puerto Rican saxophonist David Sánchez at SF Jazz on Sept, 25th, 2014. Some cool Cuban jazz is coming my way in less than a month. For those who are in the States, you can check out the tour dates on the pianist’s website.

  A couple of friends suggested to start hiking on weekends. I was excited with the idea as I usually go camping in the summer and with the move, I did not bring any camping gear with me. Day hikes are a quick and easy way to escape from the cement jungle and while visiting a […]

Sapote Ice Cream

Hemos pasado por la Heladería “La Copa Loca” situada en el barrio de la Misión y he encontrado helado de mamey! Para mejor noticia, el sabor es auténtico. También me sorprendió ver gelato de tamarindo. Y es que a mí todavía me cuesta acostumbrarme a la latinada californiana. Tengo que habituarme, después de haber vivido […]

Third time travelling to SF and “third time is the charm”,  they say… My hubby and I are staying longer due to his work. The month of May was really hectic: had to train someone before leaving my job, went to Havana for 12 days to visit the family, packed a studio to move here […]

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On our fast road trip to Los Angeles and San Diego we have been pretty relaxed and amused, discovering and comparing different things among SF, LA and SD. The only inconvenient for this Cuban who writes has been the gray days. No sun in LA or SD welcomed us so it has been a sunscreen […]

The Bay Area Flamenco Festival will have a very special flamenco singer this Sunday: Diego El Cigala. I had a previous post a couple of months ago regarding his presentation in Toronto at the beginning of November and now I see a poster at Emeryville that promotes his show this weekend at the UC Berkeley. […]

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Today I had the privilege of attending a very private and simple ceremony of two friends tying the knot. I feel that we are living through so many things since the day we arrived to California, only a month ago! Last night we drove south to Aptos as we offered to take the pictures of […]

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The more I see of California the more I agree with its nickname. We are almost back from our camping trip. I say almost because now we are at a Cafe in Carmel-by-the-Sea. We’ll be back in San Fran tonight. The camping trip has been unpredictable, eventful and unfortunately a bit physically painful. Further details […]