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List# 4 is devoted to French goodies. I am sure the list of tasty dishes and products could never end. This past year I have been enjoying food a lot. As usual, I have been taking pictures of what I eat in different places as I forget easily. Here is the list that I made […]

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Last week I went to a couple of museums in Paris, as a part of the accelerated tour we were giving a Cuban friend who was visiting the city for a few days. Of course, Musee d’Orsay was on top of our list of things to do. We went straight to the 5th floor to start […]

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Yesterday we took velibs from Montmartre to La Villette. A few people recommended to visit this huge park built in the 80’s, connected to the St Martin Channel and great for outdoor exercising. Unlike the usual French park, (cutely planned spaces with sculptures and perfectly trimmed gardens) La Villete enthralls you in a more modern […]

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Ladurée is a renowned dessert shop which is particularly famous for its macarons or how I like to call them, “delicious circles”. With the “crisp on the outside and soft and smooth in the middle” invitation line, the splash of colours and the variety of flavours there is no human being that could say no […]

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The Chateau of Versailles does not need introduction, both the buildings and the gardens are known of their beauty and opulence but overall for their importance in history. Lots of tourists visiting Paris leave a day aside to spend it at Versailles. It is very well connected to the city by the RER train line […]

I believe our Torontonian – Parisian friend would choose Lyon as his second favourite French city, the first one being Paris, of course. He might not agree with me if he reads this but he has been talking about Lyon since he first visited in 2004, and telling us about his food experience, in particular. […]