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Weekend in Lyon – The Food
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I believe our Torontonian – Parisian friend would choose Lyon as his second favourite French city, the first one being Paris, of course. He might not agree with me if he reads this but he has been talking about Lyon since he first visited in 2004, and telling us about his food experience, in particular. He was planning to show me the most amazing dishes (and desserts) as Lyon is the gastronomical capital of France. I did not even ask for names, like if not knowing them will keep me thinner later.

Every meal that we had in Lyon was special. Here I have a photo of the lunch I had when we arrived. We sat down at “Le Bistrot de Lyon” on Rue Merciere:


Raie and mashed potatoes


Ice cream with meringue on a delicious tart.

That same night, we had an amazing dinner at “Le Tire-Bouchon” in Old Lyon (Rue de Boeuf). At this restaurant, the attention was great. The waiter was a friendly and helpful guy who seemed to know and to love what he was doing. We were the last customers to leave the place.


Salade aux fromages de chevre chaud sur pain d’epice


Quenelle et son gateau de foie de volaille


Brochettes des cuisses de grenouilles (Frog Thighs)


Charlotte a la praline


Oeufs a la neige aux pralines (Eggs in snow with pralines)

Next and last day, I was “suppose” to try the famous Andouilliette (French charcuterie) but I ended up ordering fish at the popular restaurant “Abel” (Rue Guynemer).


Salade Lyonnaise (Lyonnaise Salad with egg, bacon and croutons)


Saumon et Ratatouille


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