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Cuban pianist Harold López Nussa is performing with Puerto Rican saxophonist David Sánchez at SF Jazz on Sept, 25th, 2014. Some cool Cuban jazz is coming my way in less than a month. For those who are in the States, you can check out the tour dates on the pianist’s website.

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This last year of travels has been very rewarding and memorable for us but there is always a bitter feeling every time we have to say goodbye to a city that has been our home for a month or two. By the time you start to create a routine you have to think of packing […]

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Now that the fall has come and the rainy days are more often in Paris we have to look for more entertainment indoors. Plus, we cannot leave the city without seeing its music scene at least one night. Last night was the night. We went to L’Alimentation Generale for a jazz concert. This is a […]

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One of my friends from Havana gave me the CD: “Fénix de Cristal” as a present and I have been listening it a lot in the last few days… Here is the video for one of the songs:

I convinced myself that  dancing is a way of life for Cubans when I moved to Canada. It took me a while to get used to people not dancing at parties and to agree that the gathering was fun when I did not dance at all. How could you have a party at home without […]