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Sapote Ice Cream

Hemos pasado por la Heladería “La Copa Loca” situada en el barrio de la Misión y he encontrado helado de mamey! Para mejor noticia, el sabor es auténtico. También me sorprendió ver gelato de tamarindo. Y es que a mí todavía me cuesta acostumbrarme a la latinada californiana. Tengo que habituarme, después de haber vivido […]

The Canchanchara was drank by the 19th century Cuban independence fighters. People say Antonio Maceo invented the drink to keep the troops with energy (and tipsy, I suppose), for the fight. Back in the day, fighters used to drink it out of “jicaras”, a bowl made of the Güiro tree (Calabash tree). The real Canchanchara is not […]

Yes, please!

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at least for me! 🙂 Honey that comes from your Island when you are far away, it is of course, the best honey. Toronto is not Miami, you cannot find Cuban products easily, but now if you go to Kensington Market, you can now buy a 500g jar for $4.29. It is actually the cheapest […]

Finalmente me paré delante de lo que siempre había creído era una especie de raspadura china y me dije: “Hoy es el día!” Desde hace unos meses quería saber qué era esto que venden como azúcar prieta o morena pero que viene compacta, muy similar a la raspadura cubana. La idea de comprar un bloque […]

We have been living around the Toronto Kensington Market and China Town area for over a month now. The neighbourhood is always active and there are endless spots to discover or known places to come back to. Running downstairs to grab a bite to go does not take more than 15 minutes. We have been […]

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For Cubans, the healthiest food of all is the malanga. If you have stomach problems or if you need to feed a newborn you use the miraculous malanga puree. No one would want to use potatoes or rice if they can get a good malanga in their hands. Since I moved to Toronto I have […]

Chinese Buns

Hong Kong is an formidable place for all types of food, maybe that is why the town is like an endless kitchen, always smelling like fresh food or sometimes just stinky tofu. I can’t stop trying new main dishes, snacks and desserts and every time I am about to try something new I am afraid […]

List# 4 is devoted to French goodies. I am sure the list of tasty dishes and products could never end. This past year I have been enjoying food a lot. As usual, I have been taking pictures of what I eat in different places as I forget easily. Here is the list that I made […]

I believe our Torontonian – Parisian friend would choose Lyon as his second favourite French city, the first one being Paris, of course. He might not agree with me if he reads this but he has been talking about Lyon since he first visited in 2004, and telling us about his food experience, in particular. […]

A big reason to love France and to begin working out as soon as possible: FOOD! I particularly like crepes and since I got to Paris I have bought them both at street stands and creperies. Tonight we went to Creperie Josselin, a great endroit for crepes and cider. They do not seem to have […]

About a month ago La Chucheria bar opened in Vedado (1rst St. btw C and D). This place is a great example of a private business, one of the many flourishing in Havana at the moment. Two apartments on the street level were purchased to build a restaurant on one side and a 3D cinema […]