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The Vibrant Toronto

We have been living around the Toronto Kensington Market and China Town area for over a month now. The neighbourhood is always active and there are endless spots to discover or known places to come back to. Running downstairs to grab a bite to go does not take more than 15 minutes. We have been taking advantage of the Chinese markets for fresh veggies, fruits and other Chinese products like noodles or dumplings. There are several bakeries around the area but we have been getting our bread at My Market Bakery on Baldwin St. and have visited the incredibly cheap Mashion Bakery for sweet or salty Chinese buns, cookies and egg tarts. It is a wonderful thing that the gym is a ten-minute walk from our apartment.

The sublet apartment that we are staying in until the middle of April it is not only conveniently located but bright and spacious. After living in Hong Kong our definition of “spacious” changed drastically but this is a large place even for a Canadian. We already started to search for a summer sublet but considering the prices listed (around 1600 for a one bedroom apartment) we might try to go for a large studio (around 1200 per month). The reason we would love to stay around this area is explained with this list of favourite places that are just a few steps away.

Amato Pizza – a wide variety of pizza slices to get you going after midnight.

Manic Coffee – good cappuccino. It seems to be of the most famous coffee places in Toronto. I could not stay there too long as there is no WI-FI 🙁

Sherba – I tried this Etiopian Restaurant for the first time and the food (and the tea) was fantastic.

Mother’s Dumplings – We go there with friends over and over again.

New Ho King – We came back to Toronto and found this old favourite newly renovated and fancy. Fried rice and congee is still good.

Sneeky Dee’s – fun pub to drink and eat tasty nachos. One of the places you cannot miss if you are visiting Toronto.

Pomegranate – delicious Persian food.

The Red Room or Nirvana – both places look identical as they have the same owner. The first one is on Spadina St. and the second one on College St. They serve cheaper pitchers and decent food. The pad thai is great and the avocado and brie sandwich is one of my usual orders.





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