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We have been living around the Toronto Kensington Market and China Town area for over a month now. The neighbourhood is always active and there are endless spots to discover or known places to come back to. Running downstairs to grab a bite to go does not take more than 15 minutes. We have been […]

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Today I passed by Chinatown (Spadina Street) and found that they were selling 3 guavas for 5 dollars. The guavas had a good size but they were green, hard and did not smell like Cuban guavas ­čÖü (sorry I get so specific) Besides, I think that this guava was white inside and the red ones […]

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Now that the weather is getting “human” I started remembering all the summer ┬ábelly pleasures and began thinking of a fresh cold guarapo. Pronto! In Toronto I have seen sugar cane juice in China Town (Spadina St), pressed right in front of you and in some Caribbean festivals during the summer. Also, in some ┬áChinese […]