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After 5 years of silence, I am back. Life got busier, the wonderful and the terrible happened but I can say I am back to a happy place, the empty page that always helped me unload… and today, I may need it more than ever. On July 11th, 2021 we had 11 million Cubans glued […]

I was having a fun Sunday, sitting outdoors and playing board games with some friends when I realized that one of my friends from Cuba was calling me from “Mexico”. Instantly, my Sunday got better. I know this friend is currently in Havana, using the Viber account he once created in Mexico and that allows […]

Ya va faltando poco para la exposición de la artista cubana Nadia García Porras en la Fábrica de Arte Cubano. Aquí les dejo la invitación para aquellos que estarán en La Habana el 16 de Agosto y se puedan dar un saltico por la F.A.C. Esto va a estar muy interesante! Yo, como estoy lejos, […]

  There was a time in Cuba in the 80’s when holding an American bill could send you straight to jail. Even having American money at home was considered a crime. Those times were over in the 90’s, during the “Special Period”. The help from the Soviet Union was over and the birth of the […]

“This island is something special. The strangest, most tragic things have happened here. And it will always be that way. The earth, like humankind, has its destiny. And Cuba’s is a mysterious destiny”                                              […]

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Back in the 90’s in Havana, we used to listen to this song over and over… I have been listening to this forgotten band (at least for me)  in the last couple of days, especially after one of my friends reminded me of the musical quality of the songs.

New York Hotel in Havana City is falling apart. The building has been shutdown for several years for restoration purposes and the state of it quickly went from bad to worse. Located on 16 Dragones St. in Old Havana, not too far from the Capitol, the four-story building still stands proud of what it was […]

On my way up to the office I saw a tourism ad about Cuba that read: “Old cars never looked better”. I chuckled for a second, rolled my eyes and thought about how much Cubans would like to have modern cars and how often they struggle when these heavy giants break in the middle of […]

Today all Cubans celebrate “el Día de la Caridad del Cobre” (Lady of Charity’s Day). Some call it Caridad or Cachita, others call it Oshun and many, like me, by either name. I am happy I am wearing a yellow hoodie today without even thinking about it. Yellow is Caridad’s colour and many Cubans around […]

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