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La Ciudad de La Habana no es un ejemplo de pulcritud para los viajeros que la transitan. Muy lejos de ser una capital limpia, La’bana está llena de polvo, polución y basura.  Si tienes el hábito de echar tus desechos en un contenedor de la calle, te percatarás de que puedes caminar cuadras sin encontrar […]

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Ladies and Gentlemen: I do not listen to rap music but this song deserves a thumbs up.

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I used to love the month of February while living in Cuba. It is the time of the year when you can walk around Havana without sweating, you can wear your hair down, get into those pants that have been hanging in your closet for a while and put on closed shoes without roasting yourself […]

I was having a long conversation with a Cuban friend who recently moved to Canada. She is one of the “lucky ones” who benefited from the new Cuban immigration law which allows Cubans to travel without the exit permit card. This friend is a family doctor who had been waiting for three years to get […]

Every non-Cuban friend thinks that people in Cuba are already enjoying the recently activated fiber-optic cable, which finally connects Cuba to the fast internet world. I wish it was as easy as connecting a magical cable in order to bring enough speed to our relatives and friends on the island, at least enough speed to […]

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When I visited Cuba last summer I bought a gift for a relative who lives in the Middle East: a box with 10 Cuban cigars. Since I do not see this relative frequently I was waiting for a chance to send him the cigars with anyone on their way there. The opportunity came when his […]

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The majority of Cubans are pretty superstitious. It is funny and annoying at the same time. In order to understand Cubans we have to remember that their society is a mix of atheists, catholics and African religion followers. We have a strange combination of marxism, the Spanish church and West African roots. Some aspects of […]

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I have some updates regarding our stay in Toronto: We have found a sublet to stay for the month of February and March! We visited a gorgeous apartment on College St., right beside Kensington Market and a few blocks away from China Town. As soon as we got there and saw the location, the light […]

Rice is a product that you find on the table of each Cuban family every day. It explains why the rice cooker is so valuable in a Cuban kitchen. When I was growing up there was no way to buy a rice cooker at the regular stores, only a few Cubans had the privilege of […]

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The more I listen to Roberto Fonseca’s CD “Yo” the more I like it.  With this work, he touches the Afro Cuban music grounds in a way that no matter where I am on the planet, the sound of the music puts me back in Havana in a second. Fonseca and his band are touring […]