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Purification Month is Over
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I used to love the month of February while living in Cuba. It is the time of the year when you can walk around Havana without sweating, you can wear your hair down, get into those pants that have been hanging in your closet for a while and put on closed shoes without roasting yourself under the sun.

Everything changed when I moved to Canada. February became the  “thank-God-is-the-shortest-month” because when February is over, it means we are closer to Spring. I feel sorry for kids having their birthday celebrations in February (like if no one ever enjoyed doing snow angels) and I miss February weddings as here most of the couples get married during the summer.

Since you spend more time at home, I have discovered a lot of wonderful music bands and watched a lot of good films on the second month of the year. I would agree that it is good to use the month to study, meditate and enjoy the little and romantic things that life has to offer… indoors, until the much desired warmth arrives.

I welcome March with open arms  because even if there is a snow storm coming the next day, you know the spring is around the corner and soon the city parks will have flowers. The winters in Toronto are way too long. One of my friends from Spain tells me it is 10 degrees in Catalonia today… that is 13 degrees more than Toronto! I wish I did not have to talk about the weather anymore but the subject remains as the dish of the day.

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