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Cuban pianist Harold López Nussa is performing with Puerto Rican saxophonist David Sánchez at SF Jazz on Sept, 25th, 2014. Some cool Cuban jazz is coming my way in less than a month. For those who are in the States, you can check out the tour dates on the pianist’s website.

Sapote Ice Cream

Hemos pasado por la Heladería “La Copa Loca” situada en el barrio de la Misión y he encontrado helado de mamey! Para mejor noticia, el sabor es auténtico. También me sorprendió ver gelato de tamarindo. Y es que a mí todavía me cuesta acostumbrarme a la latinada californiana. Tengo que habituarme, después de haber vivido […]

Third time travelling to SF and “third time is the charm”,  they say… My hubby and I are staying longer due to his work. The month of May was really hectic: had to train someone before leaving my job, went to Havana for 12 days to visit the family, packed a studio to move here […]

In the last week we have been to Google offices twice. We have a friend who works at the San Francisco office and invited us for lunch and to take a quick tour of the building areas that can be accessed. Then, yesterday we went to Mountain View to spend the day since our friend […]

Here is the story of what we think was a very weird tedious scam. Last night we were trying to find parking around our neighbourhood. It is around 8:30 pm on a Saturday night. We usually have a lot of “fun” searching for a spot in the NOPA so we were happy to see a […]

I have spent the last two days going around the Sunset district in SF and found myself loving this area more and more by the minute. One of my friends moved to the center of this neighbourhood a couple of weeks ago and we were exploring the little stores and food places on Thursday and […]

De Young Museum in San Francisco has free admission every first Tuesday of the month as well as SFMoMA. I finally made my way to their building this morning, I thought of spending the whole day there but it turned out that I had to help a friend to move so I ended up staying for […]

Fort Mason’s Cowell Theater in San Francisco had a very interesting speaker last night: Brewster Kahle, the founder of the Internet Archive. One of our friends is a big Stewart Brand fan and reminded us to go to one of the Seminaries for Long Term Thinking, created by the Long Now Foundation. Kahle’s presentation was […]

Today I wished I was in Tokyo. After three months in SF we visited Little Japan, or Japan Center to be more precise. Our plan was to walk around and see how Japanese this hood really is but we got lost among the libraries and little shops at the mall. I was impressed with all […]

Last night we got two unexpected free tickets to go to Yoshi’s on Filmore St. Our neighbours’ friend had won two tickets on the radio and could not make it to the show of the Texan flautist Bobbi Humphrey. We had never heard of  this artist before but we rapidly changed our gym plans to […]

Today, the American Thanksgiving is celebrated and all the ovens are working hard cooking the family’s turkey. The owner of the house where we have been staying in SF for the last two months is born and raised in the city and I enjoy having all kind of little chats with him about Cuba and […]

Hunting for a Sunday coffee on the Mission after an early yoga class at Hanuman Centre turned out to be better than we thought. When I first walked down 24th street the number one thing that called my attention was the MacDonalds on Mission St. The outdoor decoration is not like any McD I have […]