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Among Googlers

In the last week we have been to Google offices twice. We have a friend who works at the San Francisco office and invited us for lunch and to take a quick tour of the building areas that can be accessed. Then, yesterday we went to Mountain View to spend the day since our friend had to work from there. The visit was great and made me think of how lucky these people are working for such a great company with amazing work conditions.

Everyone knows that Google  is famous for its work spaces, great food, relaxed and fun environment.  One thing that I noticed right away is that employees walk around with their dogs! And these were not small dogs, I have to say. Pets allowed (no cats, though) and the cappuccino makers are a reason good enough for me to feel envious. I have consumed a lot of bad coffee at the office, people!

I would say that the majority of the employees are in their 20’s and 30’s and the no dress code policy makes the place look like a very fancy high school.  We went around to see a couple of buildings using the colourful Google bikes and had a lot fun. I felt very welcomed as a visitor, even the bathroom had a heated seat, Japanese style.

I was very excited to find that one of the buildings we went to were named after Cuban cities and towns. Looking at the map you could see Camaguey, Baracoa, Havana, etc. Now I am not sure if we just ended up there by chance or my friend wanted to give me surprise. Is it that he never told me or my Cuban ghosts are guiding me?



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