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Thanksgiving, America’s best holiday!

Today, the American Thanksgiving is celebrated and all the ovens are working hard cooking the family’s turkey.

The owner of the house where we have been staying in SF for the last two months is born and raised in the city and I enjoy having all kind of little chats with him about Cuba and USA. I frequently meet him on my way out of the house or in the kitchen and he  always has an interesting story about San Francisco, from the 1989 earthquake to small hippie stories about the neighbourhood, the house and his experiences. Because of listening to him I know recognize the real San Franciscan accent, no joke.

The guy is a very funny and down- to- earth person. Yesterday he affirmed that Thanksgiving is America’s best holiday and his favourite since no matter if you are jewish, religious or not it has always been about getting the family together, celebrate and be thankful for things that are really meaningful. He also pointed out that  in recent times the Black Friday craziness has changed the situation and like Christmas time, the holiday has become commercial and it is all about shopping, shopping and shopping.

I truly hope that people out there enjoy the Thanksgiving Thursday more than the Black Friday and one more time, reflect about their lives and do not forget about the hard life that many people cope with in some other parts of the world. We have to believe that being the 99% in North America is still a privilege and thousands of citizens around the world, including Cuba, are looking for opportunities to sell or leave everything they have to come here and start a new life, from zero.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everybody. Enjoy the wine and the turkey!





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