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Acroyoga is a combination of yoga and acrobatics. The practice has been around for about eight years. First time I saw a group of people practicing Acroyoga was at Burning Man Festival last year. The poses and changes looked so cool to me. Besides the physical exercise, the improvement of your core strength and flexibility […]

Last night I survived my first Hot Yoga class. I am using a Living Social promotion that allowes me to go for 20 classes. The deal is unbelievably good and I can finally see what this famous Bikram yoga is all about. There are so many types of yoga classes and studios to practice in […]

I am sitting at home after seven days of non stop going around sunny San Francisco in the company of two great friends, one coming from Toronto and the other visiting from Paris. On the way to the airport I asked one of them to tell me three words to define his impressions of the […]

Today I woke up to a cloudy morning, went food shopping before noon and rushed back home (third floor room) to endulge myself with hot cocoa and cookies. I was planning on doing some reading but only after seeing the news for five minutes my friend from Madrid contacted me on Skype. We have been […]

On Sunday, October,9th we danced to the playa music again and got a bit of the vibe from Burning Man, the last bit of energy for 2010. The Decompression Party was probably a 1% of what Burning Man is, a small replica of the most amazing festival and party in the world. The crowd was […]

San Franciscans had the second day of the Bluegrass Festival at the Golden Gate Park. Yesterday we were there for a couple of hours in the afternoon but today we spent most of the day under the beautiful and strong sun,drinking and dancing. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Hugh Laurie and his […]

  It is not a secret that California is pretty easy going regarding the smoking of cannabis. It is famous worldwide that Californians like their joint and they do not hide it. Since I have been walking the streets of San Francisco, I have been noticing a lot of ads about the sale of medical […]

Today the weather has been incredible in San Fran! I left the house early to go for a class of Monkey Conditioning in Oakland. Knowing that the East Bay is warmer I was not surprised of the nice weather but when I came back to the city it was not only sunny but hot like […]

I am sitting at Coffee to the People Cafe located on Masonic and Haight St. The place is full of people looking at their laptops, not me though. 😉 It is warm and sunny outside and there is a garage sale across the street, right where the bus stop is and one of the sellers […]

Two newbies have arrived to a nice Victorian house in the North of the Panhandle. We are very content with this location which has the park a block away and a lot to see. Besides, the area is closer to downtown so it will be easier for us weird people who do not drive… We […]

  I should probably define my afternoon with one word. I will not use adjectives like stunning, charming or lovely. Too lame and touristic. 🙂 It is hard for me to accept I am a tourist in San Fran. I would rather think I am a lost soul in the “diagonal city”. Today I visited […]

I had some unusual fun this weekend. On Saturday morning we crossed the Bay bridge and went to Oakland to try a funky exercise place called The Athletic Playground. They have a variety of classes (Acroyoga, Handstands, Hooping) but we registered for their famous “Monkey Conditioning” session. I had to laugh and googled this Monkey […]