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Saturday morning coffee

I am sitting at Coffee to the People Cafe located on Masonic and Haight St. The place is full of people looking at their laptops, not me though. 😉
It is warm and sunny outside and there is a garage sale across the street, right where the bus stop is and one of the sellers is rocking her boots and dancing from time to time. And then I wonder why I like this city so much…

Life seems to start and end earlier on the West Coast. Hubbie and I took a long walk last night, from our house ( a few blocks away from Alamo Square and the painted ladies) to Chestnut St. (Marina District). I chose a good but not healthy dinner at Pacific Catch. Everything was breaded/fried, the shimps, the mussels! 🙂 At least the beer option was Sapporo Light.

The nightlife felt almost over at 12. Fillmore St. was too quiet for a Friday night. Maybe is not the right district to party? Not sure, but the jazz bars were open and the tunes very inviting.

On our way home there was one amusing thing: with around 17 degrees you could find people wearing a fur coat or boots and winter hat or a light sweater with flip flops. I am sure my dear Canadian friends would have been on the flip flop side. I was more towards the winter hat group.

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