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Bobbi Humphrey’s jazz show in SF

Last night we got two unexpected free tickets to go to Yoshi’s on Filmore St. Our neighbours’ friend had won two tickets on the radio and could not make it to the show of the Texan flautist Bobbi Humphrey. We had never heard of  this artist before but we rapidly changed our gym plans to make it there by 8pm.

We noticed the place before, while walking on Fillmore, due to their uncommon mix of Japanese food and Jazz music. We got there five minutes before the show started and ordered some drinks and food. Then we saw Bobbi and her band ready to play, she looked so happy and crazily dressed and her musician seemed pretty comfortable and relaxed.

The music started and sounded good. I liked the way she was moving, talking to the audience, making jokes. She would greet her friends from the stage between songs, tell us stories about her 40 year – old career, her life in New York and she would use her flute to point, play, dance…it was like a magic wand for her and for us too, spreading positive energy.

The band’s drummer (Lenny White, “Fast Lenny” she called him) was very good, probably my favourite band member. He was very energetic and giving all on stage. Bobbi sang a little bit as well, I was not a big fan of her voice but in general made the show alive and varied.

Lionel Ritchie’s song version of “Hello” and “Homemade jam” were my preferred themes.

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