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Cuban Patroness Day
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Ochun by Silvia Sainz

Today all Cubans celebrate “el Día de la Caridad del Cobre” (Lady of Charity’s Day). Some call it Caridad or Cachita, others call it Oshun and many, like me, by either name.

I am happy I am wearing a yellow hoodie today without even thinking about it. Yellow is Caridad’s colour and many Cubans around the world must be wearing their yellow outfits because of her.

I am happy that today we have a sunny day and I can sit outdoors and enjoy the last bit of summer in Toronto.

I am counting the days left to visit Havana. I have not traveled anywhere this year but Cuba is on my list for the month of November. I miss the ocean, the weather and last but not least, the people. I am wishing I was in Cuba today to see people carrying sunflowers and to listen to the sounds of the music coming from the Oshun day celebrations.

It is not a secret that I am terribly homesick these days.

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