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Cuban pianist Harold López Nussa is performing with Puerto Rican saxophonist David Sánchez at SF Jazz on Sept, 25th, 2014. Some cool Cuban jazz is coming my way in less than a month. For those who are in the States, you can check out the tour dates on the pianist’s website.

Today all Cubans celebrate “el Día de la Caridad del Cobre” (Lady of Charity’s Day). Some call it Caridad or Cachita, others call it Oshun and many, like me, by either name. I am happy I am wearing a yellow hoodie today without even thinking about it. Yellow is Caridad’s colour and many Cubans around […]

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After a good four years I went back to visit the ROM. I was curious to see what is currently going on inside those building walls and since one of my friends volunteers there I got the chance to enter for free. When I moved to Toronto I started volunteering at the Discovery Gallery and […]

I was having a long conversation with a Cuban friend who recently moved to Canada. She is one of the “lucky ones” who benefited from the new Cuban immigration law which allows Cubans to travel without the exit permit card. This friend is a family doctor who had been waiting for three years to get […]

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All the museums in Paris are free every first Sunday of the month. Yesterday, we took advantage of it and visited the Modern Art Museum (Pompidou Centre or Beaubourg Centre). I have to admit that the first time I looked at the building’s architecture I thought it was odd and it is indeed very unusual […]