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Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
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After a good four years I went back to visit the ROM. I was curious to see what is currently going on inside those building walls and since one of my friends volunteers there I got the chance to enter for free.

When I moved to Toronto I started volunteering at the Discovery Gallery and did so once a week, for almost two years. During that time, the years 2006 and 2007, the construction of the Crystal was still in progress and by the time the museum finished the expansion, I had stopped my volunteer work.

I have to say that the walls of the ROM helped me adapt to the city that was welcoming me. I have fond memories of that museum, when almost everyone I knew was far away from me, I found warm smiles and grounded people there. I have a strong need to socialize so this worked out perfect for me.

The ROM has changed a lot since 2007. I was thrilled to see all the new galleries! A lot has been added for the children’s interaction. The dinosaurs space is huge, although very few pieces are real the casts are an excellent way to get kids excited and of course, to educate them.

The Earth’s Treasures gallery is pretty colourful and interesting. I spent quite a bit of time there!



I saw the Americas, Africa, Middle East and Europe collection. I am not surprised that the only Cuban objects they have displayed are together with the African section: some Santeria artefacts like Eleggua were shown.

The gallery of the first peoples of Canada is a must for foreign visitors. The ROM has an extensive collection of items.



This whole week, due to March Break, the museum is really busy and many events are being held for children.


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