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Cuba: 10 Photographs from my last trip to the Island
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“This island is something special. The strangest, most tragic things have happened here. And it will always be that way. The earth, like humankind, has its destiny. And Cuba’s is a mysterious destiny”                                                                        Miguel Barnet (Rachel’s Song)

I have already posted a few pictures from my last trip to Havana that did not make me proud, that only made me question, frown and pout. Today, I have a small compilation of images (moments) that left me inspired, surprised or happy. Like always, Cuba takes you from one extreme to another very easily.

1) Honey Comb: On our way out of Trinidad, this cheerful man was selling fruits on the road. He was kind enough to let us try some honey and “piña de ratón”, to me yet unfamiliar fruit. Not until I got back to Canada had I realized that he was wearing a Blue Jays baseball cap.

Honey Comb

2) Caleta Buena… a shot of Cuban Paradise. This has been one of my favourite places since I was a child. About 7 km from Playa Giron,  it is now more visited by tourists but it is still wonderful.

A Shot of Cuban Paradise

3) Costasur Resort: Sun, Ocean, Mountains… and nothing else matters…

Costasur, Cuba

4) Palacio del Valle, Cienfuegos: A beautiful example of Spanish – Moorish architecture.

Palacio del Valle, Cienfuegos

5) Topes de Collantes, Escambray Mountains: Cuban nature in all its splendour. Pure breeze, a good hike and a view of the ocean to the south.

Topes de Collantes

6) Iznaga Tower at sunset. I love this picture because it is like a 19th century Cuban painting.

Torre Iznaga

7) Trinidad Town: the oldest part of Trinidad looks cartoonish. There is never a lack of a photo opportunity and the light is always favourable.

Trinidad, Cuba

8) Fruits: Anons, Guanabana and Bananas bought on the road. I miss guanabanas the most.

Tropical Fruits

9) Bags of rice seen on the road to Cienfuegos.

rice bags Cuba

10) Havana Cathedral opened to celebrate and await the city’s birthday (November, 16th)

catedral dia de la habana

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