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“This island is something special. The strangest, most tragic things have happened here. And it will always be that way. The earth, like humankind, has its destiny. And Cuba’s is a mysterious destiny”                                              […]

The Canchanchara was drank by the 19th century Cuban independence fighters. People say Antonio Maceo invented the drink to keep the troops with energy (and tipsy, I suppose), for the fight. Back in the day, fighters used to drink it out of “jicaras”, a bowl made of the Güiro tree (Calabash tree). The real Canchanchara is not […]

Private business are notably flourishing in Cuba, particularly in the most touristic areas. Places in Convertible Pesos (for tourists or Cubans who somehow can afford them): On my November trip to Cuba I spent some time discovering new places and also wondering how the owners manage to open and to run certain restaurants or bars […]

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  1) Para mi asombro y decepción, el reggaeton ha llegado hasta lo más profundo para despertar la creatividad de algunos cubanos. Si no has oído la canción del loco sexual pues ya sabes que tienes que actualizarte. Otra frase que se puede encontrar en los almendrones es “Quimba pa’ que suene!” 2) Este cartel […]