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Sapote Ice Cream

Hemos pasado por la Heladería “La Copa Loca” situada en el barrio de la Misión y he encontrado helado de mamey! Para mejor noticia, el sabor es auténtico. También me sorprendió ver gelato de tamarindo. Y es que a mí todavía me cuesta acostumbrarme a la latinada californiana. Tengo que habituarme, después de haber vivido […]

“This island is something special. The strangest, most tragic things have happened here. And it will always be that way. The earth, like humankind, has its destiny. And Cuba’s is a mysterious destiny”                                              […]

One positive thing I noticed since I am in Havana this June is that summer fruits are all over the place and luckily the production is high or at least higher than previous years. Huge mangoes and incredibly sweet mameyes are being sold at the market. Beautiful pineapples and papayas decorate the trucks of private […]