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Summer Fruits

One positive thing I noticed since I am in Havana this June is that summer fruits are all over the place and luckily the production is high or at least higher than previous years. Huge mangoes and incredibly sweet mameyes are being sold at the market. Beautiful pineapples and papayas decorate the trucks of private sellers that sometimes stop at neighbourhood streets selling their products.

I even bought guavas although is not the best time for them yet.
Avocados are big and creamy. How I wish I could take a suitcase full of fruits to Canada! 🙂
Cuban land is fertile and rich and these fruits are here to show it. The problem now is the lack of money. An avocado can cost you a day’s salary. Here I have the prices of the fruits I have purchased in the last few days.

Mamey: 12 Cuban pesos
Avocado: 10 – 12 pesos
Mangoes: 2 Cuban pesos per pound or 5 Cuban pesos per mango
Pineapple: 5 pesos
Papaya: 10 pesos



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