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One positive thing I noticed since I am in Havana this June is that summer fruits are all over the place and luckily the production is high or at least higher than previous years. Huge mangoes and incredibly sweet mameyes are being sold at the market. Beautiful pineapples and papayas decorate the trucks of private […]

I have put together a new list to show all the favourites I have found in Belgrade City. Yum yum Njam Njam. 🙂 1-) Iced Coffee This summer drink took over Belgrade and I am now addicted to it. The ingredients in this area are coffee (Nescafe or espresso), milk, ice cream, whipped cream and […]

One of my favourite Spanish dishes are Huevos Rotos (Broken Eggs). The preparation is very simple and the result is pretty rewarding. All the ingredients that you need are olive oil, potatoes, eggs and any cured meat of your choice. Ham and chorizo are my top options. Something salty or spicy puts a lot of […]

A month later I think another list of Spanish “goodies” is ready. The food in the motherland is just a problem for me. 🙂 1. Torta del Casar (Melted Sheep Cheese) found in Merida, Extremadura 2. Palmera con crema catalana (Palmier with Catalan Cream found in Granada, Andalusia) 3. Rosca Alpujarreña found in Trevelez, Andalusia. […]

Since UK holds the “horrible place for food” prize I decided to be kind and show an honest short list presenting a few good products that I discovered while being there for a couple of weeks. 1- Colman’s English Mustard: Spicy and addictive. Better than Dijon mustard or any other mustard I ever tried. Simply […]

It seems that I am big yucca fan among some of my friends as every time I meet them for dinner yucca with mojo is a dish they usually prepare for me. 🙂 Yucca is widely consumed in Cuba, specially during the holidays. In Havana, it is more expensive than potatoes or sweet potatoes so […]

Tostones are prepared easily. You peel and slice the green plantain in big pieces (1 – 2 inches) and deep fried it until they change colour to golden. Then you take them out of the hot oil, smash each piece to make them flat, like a super size banana chip and continue frying the pieces […]

I always say “Thanks Spain for many things…” and then either criticize Cuba or feel happy for our heritage. In this case I say “Thanks Spain for many things, including torrejas” 🙂 Torrijas (Sp) or Torrejas (Cuba) are usually eaten in Spain during Easter. Also in other latin american countries torrejas are prepared. In Cuba […]

The easiest way to prepare Carajillo is by mixing a shot of rum and black coffee. if you just prepare espresso and add rum as needed it is perfectly fine as well 🙂 Some people add lemon or/and cinnamon. I guess you can get creative with the taste and experiment as you wish. This Cuban […]

For a week now I have been drinking Cuban – style coffee from morning to night. Strong, sweet, black and small. Now that my mom is visiting me the coffee smell wakes me up in the morning and brings me straight home in the afternoon. I can smell the aroma from 10 meters away. Just […]

Grandma’s recipe for Cuban Dulce de Leche Prepare buttermilk by adding juice from half a lime to two litres of milk and letting it sit for a few minutes so that it curdles. Once you have buttermilk, put it on the stove at low heat with a bit of salt, stick cinnamon, star anise and a […]

There are a few fruits that I truly miss in Toronto: mamey, guava and guanabana. You can find almost everything in this city if you know where to go. I know you can find guavas, tamarinds and great mangos and bananas but for some strange or nostalgic reason they do not taste the same. Maybe […]