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Broken Eggs for Lunch
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One of my favourite Spanish dishes are Huevos Rotos (Broken Eggs). The preparation is very simple and the result is pretty rewarding.

All the ingredients that you need are olive oil, potatoes, eggs and any cured meat of your choice. Ham and chorizo are my top options. Something salty or spicy puts a lot of flavour and then the addition of salt is not really necessary.

Since I am in Belgrade and I cooked it today for lunch I bought a Serbian spicy chorizo (?) called kulen. I was also lucky to fetch this tiny potatoes at the local market. The skin was pretty thin and you do not have to peel them.

The longest part is to wait for the potatoes to be ready. I prefer if the potatoes are crunchy so I remove the cover once they are cooked, increase the heat to the max and let them get a little brown.
Since I like quick meals I made a variation of this dish. Instead of frying the eggs on the side to mix them with the potatoes and the ham afterwards I just toss the eggs once the potatoes are ready and stir them a little bit with the chorizo. You finish in less than a minute.
I am surprised that such an easy dish is not more popular in Cuba. I am always waiting to go to Spain to eat it but it is something that you can do in your kitchen in 30 minutes.



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