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One of my favourite Spanish dishes are Huevos Rotos (Broken Eggs). The preparation is very simple and the result is pretty rewarding. All the ingredients that you need are olive oil, potatoes, eggs and any cured meat of your choice. Ham and chorizo are my top options. Something salty or spicy puts a lot of […]

A month later I think another list of Spanish “goodies” is ready. The food in the motherland is just a problem for me. 🙂 1. Torta del Casar (Melted Sheep Cheese) found in Merida, Extremadura 2. Palmera con crema catalana (Palmier with Catalan Cream found in Granada, Andalusia) 3. Rosca Alpujarreña found in Trevelez, Andalusia. […]

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“Madrid kills me”… Those are three words that I like to repeat since I first visited Madrid and my friend took me to a store by Jacinto Benavente Square which sells “Madriz me Mata” t-shirts and postcards. And it is true that Madrid kills you but in the good way good cities like New York […]