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Ok, let me justify the extra pounds… (Part 5)
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Hong Kong is an formidable place for all types of food, maybe that is why the town is like an endless kitchen, always smelling like fresh food or sometimes just stinky tofu. I can’t stop trying new main dishes, snacks and desserts and every time I am about to try something new I am afraid I will like it too much. This list is a trivial compilation of what you can find to eat on this side of the world.


1) Snow Ice: Hong Kong weather + Snow Ice = Heaven. Pictures can give you an idea…

Mango and Yogurt Snow Ice Hong Kong     


2)  Steamed buns: All of them. Sweet, salty and spicy. With custard paste, curry pork or spicy chicken.There is no way a tourist can escape HK bakeries.

Chinese Buns


3) Seafood: One of the reasons I would agree to move to HK immediately.


4) Hong Kong-style Iced Milk Tea: Easily one of the things I will miss more about Hong Kong, a cold drink to combine with the balmy ocean. Apparently, the milk tea in other regions is not as sweet as the HK-style one.


5) Congee: boiled rice with ginger and onions.One can add chicken, meat and many other ingredients. Often, it is eaten with a churro-like type of fried dough.


6) Hot Corn Juice*: As much as I enjoy corn in all its forms I had never heard of corn juice before and never imagined it would be a popular drink served hot.


7) Tiny Bananas and Guava: one of the biggest surprises in HK was to find tiny bananas at the wet market. They are not the same as the Platano Manzano you buy in Cuba which tastes like a mix of banana and apple (Lady Finger in English, as per Internet) but the sweetness on this kind of banana is also concentrated. I came back to the street market to buy more.

I also found white guava. Most of the times I would pass by a guava stand the fruit was not ready but one lucky night I found them truly ripened. My hubby was surprised when the whole fridge smelled like guava. I am still in the search for the red guava in HK.



8) Butter and Condensed Milk Toast: a very common snack in Hong Kong that I discovered one afternoon at Cafe de Coral fast food restaurant and later repeated at the Nan Lian Garden cafeteria.

Butter and Condensed Milk Toast Hong Kong


9) Peking Duck*: We ordered more than 1o duck dishes. This dinner will be remembered as one of the most succulent ones in China. The waitress gave me a card with a serial number for the duck we consumed that night. I still have to check it online. I discovered than you can never eat enough duck.


10) Caramelized Hawthorn Apple*: sweet snack commonly found on Beijing streets and parks.


11) Egg Balls: Around Wan Chai district I finally tried the egg balls or egg waffles. They are heavenly crunchy and sweet. They sell them everywhere. Why did I wait this long to buy them? The sweet waffle smell will attract anyone in HK city.


12) Hot Pot: A chance to cook, drink and eat with your friends without having to do the dishes.

*I also have included some good food I tried during my short visit to Beijing.

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