Life, Culture and Travels from the perspective of a Cuban
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Last weekend we crossed three borders in two days. I am not sure how cool that might sound to people out there but for a Cuban stock on an island the first 24 years of her life is quite grand. Although I do not travel with my Cuban passport no one can take the Cuban […]

Chinese Buns

Hong Kong is an formidable place for all types of food, maybe that is why the town is like an endless kitchen, always smelling like fresh food or sometimes just stinky tofu. I can’t stop trying new main dishes, snacks and desserts and every time I am about to try something new I am afraid […]

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Old Summer Palace Beijing

We came back from spending four days in Beijing with two friends. We smoothly flew there and back with DragonAir. On Friday afternoon, I left HK with a small backpack and a list of things to do. Although Beijing is a big city with a lof of places to see I was happy enough to […]