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The best honey in the world…
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at least for me! 🙂

Honey that comes from your Island when you are far away, it is of course, the best honey.

Toronto is not Miami, you cannot find Cuban products easily, but now if you go to Kensington Market, you can now buy a 500g jar for $4.29. It is actually the cheapest honey at the health food store.

Organic Cuban Honey Apisun


The Apisun name brought back memories but also made me think of how many times I purchased honey at the street market in Havana with no label, just stored in a big clear bottle that would let you see the pieces of honeycomb.



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3 Comments to “The best honey in the world…”

  1. Anne Diehl says:

    I would like to order some of the Cuban hone.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Hello, I was in Cuba recently and brought back 1 jar of fabulous honey. We enjoyed it’s flowery flavour. Where in Canada can I buy this honey. We live on West Coast, Vancouver Island.

    Thanks for any information.

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