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“La Chuchería”

About a month ago La Chucheria bar opened in Vedado (1rst St. btw C and D). This place is a great example of a private business, one of the many flourishing in Havana at the moment. Two apartments on the street level were purchased to build a restaurant on one side and a 3D cinema on the other one.

The restaurant is so well equipped that can be mistaken by a fancy government establishment. Every single object was imported to Havana from abroad so even the sugar packages are coming from Mexico, which makes me think that the investment came from a foreigner.

The menu has a good selection of sandwiches and thin crust pizza. I ordered the Helena Ruth Media Noche, a sandwich with chicken, cream cheese and strawberry jam.

The excellent service was the highlight for me as coming from outside Cuba the first thing that shocks me is the lack of professional service everywhere. The place is clean, organized and seems to be getting a lot of customers. Give the Cubans the opportunity and freedom and they will make great things…


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