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L’Alimentation Generale: Restaurant, Bar and Concerts
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Now that the fall has come and the rainy days are more often in Paris we have to look for more entertainment indoors. Plus, we cannot leave the city without seeing its music scene at least one night.

Last night was the night. We went to L’Alimentation Generale for a jazz concert. This is a place we have been wanting to visit for a while but we always ended up staying outdoors or going to a different neighbourhood. A South African quintet called “The South African Jazz M’bassadors” was playing and a woman from Zimbabwe named Chengetai was singing.

The concert was nice and I liked the African beats behind every theme. I had not danced in a long time so my Cuban body was happy. Most of the people were dancing and relaxed although the place was almost empty. Probably the rainy Wednesday night kept part of the crowd at home.

The place is cool because it has a few long  tables and good size dancing space. We only ordered drinks but the dishes looked pretty elaborated for a bar/pub meal. It most be a French thing since everywhere you go you find good quality food.

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