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La Villette
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Yesterday we took velibs from Montmartre to La Villette. A few people recommended to visit this huge park built in the 80’s, connected to the St Martin Channel and great for outdoor exercising.

Unlike the usual French park, (cutely planned spaces with sculptures and perfectly trimmed gardens) La Villete enthralls you in a more modern and interactive way. Like a vast playground, the place is like a drug for the little ones…and not so little as well. It has a lot of paved area, green grass that matches red structures and concrete buildings designed for the use of the arts and sciences.

We left the bikes and walked around the park for a couple of hours. Of course, being a Saturday and a beautiful day outside, the park was crowded with families picnicking, kids running up and down the crazy dunes at the children’s area, young people tanning, running, skateboarding or dancing to the beats of African drums. We even saw a small group of people shooting a short video, with an iPhone!.

The park really honours its name being a small village… for interesting activities. From kids riding ponies to thirty year old “kids” training for parkour the Parisians are definitely having a lot of good fun there. It looks like there is a spot for everyone, if you do not feel like working out on a Saturday you can sit at a cafe, go watch a film at Le Geode or wait for a night show at the Cabaret Sauvage.




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