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Ladurée For The Win
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Ladurée is a renowned dessert shop which is particularly famous for its macarons or how I like to call them, “delicious circles”. With the “crisp on the outside and soft and smooth in the middle” invitation line, the splash of colours and the variety of flavours there is no human being that could say no to trying one of these pieces.

I was waiting for a special day to go to Ladurée on Champs-Elysées but unfortunately for me they are doing renovations until October. They do have a small and fancy boutique outside on the sidewalk to continue selling their products but the traditional salon is not even visible for pedestrians. Yesterday, I was looking to get a birthday present for a friend and I found another location at the Louvre Museum, right across the Apple store and the upside down pyramid. I bought a set of twelve mini macarons, all different flavours. These little ones are called the incredibles (incroyables).

You could not go around Paris not noticing macarons on the bakery windows. Usually, the macarons are displayed on pine tree shape. I am sure they are also pretty good and probably less expensive. You can also purchase bigger ones, like a chocolate chip cookie size but I prefer the little ones so I can taste more than one flavour.

I still have to buy some for me. From now I already know my order will start with the caramel with salted butter macaron.

Renovations at Ladurée (August, 2012)


Ladurée gift box


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