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Now, let me justify the extra pounds… (Part 1)
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I love eating and trying different types of food. I am not very conservative with what I consume so I will normally taste something new at a place following anyone’s recommendations. Many times I tried something I liked and found myself not remembering the name later. Because of my terrible memory regarding new words I started either taking a picture of what I like or writing down on my phone the name of the dish or the drink I would like to repeat or to purchase in the future.

Usually in North America, when we think of Spanish food, the amazing serrano or iberico ham comes to mind or the seafood paella, or the cheeses, or the potato omelette… When you think of drinks you right away get the idea of sangria. Here I have a list of not so widely known dishes or drinks that I have tried in the last weeks that have worth a picture or goodies that will not make me regret the extra weight. 😉

1-) Crema de Orujo

2-) Pulpo a la gallega or pulpo a feira (Galician style Octopus)

Galician Octopus


3-) Torta de queso segoviana con mermelada de tomate


4-) Ron Miel (Honey Rum)


5-) Fariña Primero Wine

6-) Molletes Rellenos

7-) Fabada Asturiana


😎 San Marcos Cake

9-) Merengue

10-) Pacharán Casero



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