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In the last week I have been going back to places and people that I miss when I am out of Toronto and also discovering and doing new things. It almost feels like a trip to Havana since you have to spend time with family, friends and you are constantly running around to get to dinners, bars and other places of entertainment.

Visiting good friends is always very rewarding, specially when you have not seen them in a while and you have so much to say. I think they all believe we are a little bit crazy for not having a fixed house right now and no plans to come back to Toronto for the time being. The good part of it is that they understand our need to travel a little bit before buying a place or settling down for a longer period of time.

There was one event that made me feel like a tourist in Toronto. I went to Little India on Gerrard St. for the first time with the purpose of visiting Udupi Palace, a restaurant that serves South Indian vegetarian cuisine. I could not believe I did not go there before!. The parents of a very good friend thought of taking us there when we said we love “dosa” which is one of the dishes that are a specialty of the south. We tried medhu vada, masala dosa and spring dosa, all very tasty dishes. I also enjoyed trying the south Indian coffee, brought to people in two steel cups. I had a lot of fun mixing it and transferring it from one cup to the other until I got the desired foam and temperature. 🙂

Yes, all this going around seeing friends envolves a lot of food. Starting tomorrow I have to do some exercises and yoga poses at home or all the effort I have put in the last four months in SF are going to be in vain. 🙂

In a little more than a week we will be out of Canada again for a few months. This coming week will be a busy one. I am wishing for a warm one.


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