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Sucu Sucu (or Sucu Suco) was born in mid 19th century on Isle of Youth, Cuba. This rhythm, similar to son montuno, was created in a farm called La Tumbita, close to what we know as  Santa Fe town now. When I visited Cuba in November, I brought with me the CD “Mongo Rives y […]

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Once more we come back to Canada for the holidays. The year 2012 has been an eventful one for us and we are still trying to decide if we will travel more in 2013 or if it is time to settle and go back to what people call “real life”. I guess we will have […]

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I got wonderful news! One of my dear friends from Havana is travelling to Germany (Dusseldorf) to work and he might be coming to Paris to visit us for a few days. I am so excited! Nothing is defined yet but the sole idea of meeting him in France and going around museums, cathedrals and […]

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In the last week I have been going back to places and people that I miss when I am out of Toronto and also discovering and doing new things. It almost feels like a trip to Havana since you have to spend time with family, friends and you are constantly running around to get to […]