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Cuban Sucu Sucu

Sucu Sucu (or Sucu Suco) was born in mid 19th century on Isle of Youth, Cuba. This rhythm, similar to son montuno, was created in a farm called La Tumbita, close to what we know as  Santa Fe town now.

When I visited Cuba in November, I brought with me the CD “Mongo Rives y su Tumbita Criolla”. My friends could not make more fun of me as it looked like nostalgia erased my common sense with this countryside music (música guajira).

The truth is that since I was little I used to love the TV show “Palmas y Cañas”, devoted to the Cuban música guajira. I was born and raised in Havana and I have always wished to travel the Cuban countryside more. Since I have been living abroad I need to go back to my roots from time to time, to recharge my Caribbean battery. There is nothing like walking down the street to go to work, in a freezing morning while listening to Mongo Rives’ “Yo quiero bailar con María Elena” song. It warms up  my soul the same way the winter coat warms up my body.

After a few days travelling in Cuba and listening to Mongo Rives, my friend wanted to get the CD for himself. The songs now reminds us of our days out of Havana and the hike in the mountains of Tope de Collantes. We had the most amazing and appropiate background music.

It turns out that finding the CD in Havana is not easy. I have the feeling that people nowadays know less and less about the music of our country and the beautiful traditional rhythms that are such an important part of who we are.

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  1. Gordon says:

    Heads up that you can now find Mongo Rives y su Tumbita Criolla on Spotify. Thanks for the article – I was looking to find out a bit more about sucu sucu and this page is the most best resource I have found so far!

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