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Bienvenue au Canada
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Once more we come back to Canada for the holidays. The year 2012 has been an eventful one for us and we are still trying to decide if we will travel more in 2013 or if it is time to settle and go back to what people call “real life”. I guess we will have to take a more profound look at our finances and our immediate plans.

If we ever had any doubts wether moving around with a backpack for a while was a good idea we are now completely confident that it was the best thing to do. We enjoyed every minute of it and would advise anybody with the desire and the opportunity to do it to go ahead and travel to new places where they can get away from everything they find familiar. We might have a lot less money saved but way more life memories to share and to widen the vision of the world we live in.

For now, we are back to Toronto to spend some time with family, to visit some friends and to walk on many of the streets that are so known and dear to us. I am sure that we will see it with different eyes, that is the beauty of being away for a while, you always notice the little details that go unnoticed daily and it becomes easier to find yourself feeling thankful or surprised for things that others take for granted.

I am sorry for the ones who love a white Xmas, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a mild December.


P.S: Today I am celebrating another anniversary of my first arrival to Canada and also another year of me becoming a Canadian!


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