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Let’s Paris like it’s 2009!
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I got wonderful news! One of my dear friends from Havana is travelling to Germany (Dusseldorf) to work and he might be coming to Paris to visit us for a few days. I am so excited! Nothing is defined yet but the sole idea of meeting him in France and going around museums, cathedrals and little streets is just too good to be true. For Cubans living in Cuba, travelling costs a fortune and getting a visa to go anywhere is a hassle, so I am extremely happy that he is going to be in Europe.

On the other side, another good friend from Toronto is here with us. Back in 2009, we met in Paris and had a blast for a week. Now the same gang is almost back together, (we are missing one Torontorian) and we are planning on visiting all the spectacular sites of Paris, driving the French crazy with our Francais and well, do all the things tourists are expected to do.

Is there anything more extraordinary than travelling with good friends?

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