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I am here today to bring a ray of light to those who are afraid of commitment and the responsibilities of marriage: a relationship is successful and always adventurous if you have chosen the right person for you. The right person is not the perfect human being,(good luck finding that one), look at yourself! Are […]

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I got wonderful news! One of my dear friends from Havana is travelling to Germany (Dusseldorf) to work and he might be coming to Paris to visit us for a few days. I am so excited! Nothing is defined yet but the sole idea of meeting him in France and going around museums, cathedrals and […]

I convinced myself that  dancing is a way of life for Cubans when I moved to Canada. It took me a while to get used to people not dancing at parties and to agree that the gathering was fun when I did not dance at all. How could you have a party at home without […]