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Arriving in Cordoba
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It’s been one of my dreams to come to the south of Spain since I was a teenager. It all started with the music, the history and later the fact that I have always heard how Spanish from the south are very warm and closer to Cubans in accent and craziness. People used to tell me that if I liked Madrid I was going to fall in love with Andalucía from minute one. The truth is that I have loved Spain in pictures for a long time, like every Cuban does. It is not always easy for a Cuban to come to Spain.

Many years later and knowing now that the Cuban accent is actually closer to the Canarian one I have arrived in Cordoba. On my way to the hostal I began to think that perhaps I have been away from Cuba way too long. The weather, the light and the way people moved with no rush at all reminded me of some small town in my motherland. I only saw a few locals since it had rained earlier and I am sure everyone was hiding. The little streets of Madrid and Barcelona are highways compared to the ones in Córdoba. I have seen nothing yet but I cannot wait for this weekend to start.



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