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The pictures shown are from a Roman portrait exhibit at Kalemegdan Fortress that we went to see today. The place itself is as interesting as the second century artefacts they have displayed. From what I could quickly find out at the beginning of 18th century, Barutana (the part of the fortress where the exhibition is set up today), was used as a gunpowder magazine. At some point during Tito’s times they started bringing Roman pieces to this location and leaving them there also throughout the 80’s and early 90’s. Later, on the second half of the 90’s and up to Belgrade’s bombing in 1999, the place was used as a club. It most have been the coolest klub ever! 🙂 I am not sure if by this time the objects were moved somewhere else or club – goers were actually dancing beside ancient Roman funeral remains.

The exhibition is not large but it shows objects that belong all to this area. You can closely see fragments of funeral stelas, sarcophagi, votive altars, a statue of Hercules and a head of Venus.

There is one particular limestone figure found in Belgrade that represents a priest from Palmira.




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